With the government announcing this week that they are to cut public spending again prior to the next election, one area which will be protected and actually invested in is the building sector. Over the last 5 years the activity in the building products market for resourcing and job growth has been average at best. Over the last 6 months the trend has definitely changed and the requirements for new positions have definitely taken a turn for the better. Organisations are now looking to expand the workforce to cater for the expected growth in the industry and indeed investment that is needed to catch up on the stagnation of growth over the last few years. This in turn brings issues for both employees and employers. Employers are looking for real industry know how, experienced networkers bringing the ability for both new business and operational experience.

For employees this brings an issue of should I stay or should I go! Job security in an industry that has seen very little investment in either growth, career progression has meant, better the devil I know! So how can organisations working with industry expert recruitment specialists entice the wealth of experience needed to fulfil the potential growth expected over the coming years.

However is the arguments safe and settled really mean that you actually are safe! Turning up doing a good job might not be a good job in an industry that now needs more than good! It needs people to innovate and change thinking in an area that has had to become lean and mean to survive the recession years.
Either way the challenges now seem to be good ones , however somebody said to me “are we heading back to the good days ?’, my response would be’ no we are heading towards the changing days!”